BikePac of Oregon

Lane Filtering / Sharing frozen in Senate Committee.
HB 2598 increased reckless driver bill still moving in the House.
(see the Legislative Page Here for more info)

—–>  There is an active CTA right now to help pass HB 2598!  CLICK HERE AND HELP PLEASE!

SEE THE “What Can I Do” page now.

Who are my legislators?  –  Find out here

BikePac of Oregon is the registered political lobby for motorcyclists in Oregon, works with A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon, and other concerned citizens and groups.  BikePAC is a direct voice for you as a rider, at the Oregon State Capitol.

NEXT MEETING:  Saturday June 3rd, at noon
Location: Salem Public Library
585 Liberty Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97301

PAC #00019

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